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10 Additional Steps To Avoid Becoming A Traffic Stop Casualty 

“We forget that when anyone is pulled over for a traffic stop by the police, it means that everyone in the car is pulled over, too,” says Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner in his new book, Home Alive. “That means that everyone in the car should follow these 10 rules are particular to a traffic stop by the police:

  1. “As soon as you see police lights, put your hazard lights on and slow down while you pull over to a safe area.
  2. “Put the car in park and turn the engine off before the officer even approaches your car. If it is dark, turn on the interior light.
  3. “If your cell phone is close, turn the volume down and call someone who can hear what is happening. Even if no one answers, the voicemail should record the conversation.
  4. “Before the officer arrives at the car, tell your other passengers not to say a word unless spoken to and to keep their hands where everyone can see them. Remind them: no sudden movements.
  5. “As soon as the officer approaches the car, let him know there are other people in the car.
  6. “Let the officer do most of the talking.
  7. “No sudden movements.
  8. “Do not reach for anything without asking for permission. This includes your license and registration.
  9. “If asked to exit the car, begin by asking to unbuckle your seatbelt. Then unbuckle it, then proceed slowly to get out of the car.
  10. “Do all you can to make the officer feel safe and in control.