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Dr. Mount is dedicated in his efforts to support the community his serves. His efforts are done through his books and articles he use to share knowledge with his audience. 

As a former chief of a level one trauma center and former city medical director, Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, a board certified emergency medicine physician, shares the results of hundreds of hours of research, interviews with citizens, law enforcement, judges, and 20 years of treating patients. Therefore, Dr. Mount want to share what he learned to help those around him.

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Studies related to Police Incidents

As time progress, more studies are being conducted on police-related incidents for the purpose to discover why certain situations are occurring.  Below are articles and researches on this subject.  Please feel free to click and download the files for your own personal use.

Bird’s eye View of Civilians killed by Police in 2015

This report was comprised of studying over 900 cases fatal police shootings across the country. It discussed the factors that lead to unnecessary shootings, such as bias, racism, lack of training and the cultural divide.

Book -Nix et al (CPP, 2017) A birds eye view of civilians killed by police

Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted 2016 Report

This report is released annually by the FBI.  The report shows the number of Officers killed and assault for the year of 2016.  Please click on the link below for more details.

2016 LEOKA Report Released — FBI

Law Enforcement Facts

The document below shows some key data and facts pertaining to Law Enforcement.

Law Enforcement Facts

Police Bias Study

The document below is a study conducted by the professionals in relation to police bias.

Assessing Bias and Intolerance in Police and Public Safety Personnel – Police Chief Magazine

Deadly Calls and Fatal Encounters

The article below shows full statistical data about police-related incidents and shooting.

Article Deadly Calls Fatal Encounters

Deadly Calls and Fatal Encounters

The article below shows full statistical data about police-related incidents and shooting.

The Relationship Between Structural Racism

The article below discusses the correlation between structural racism and Blacks fatal shooting rate by the police at the state level.

The Relationship Between Structural Racism

Five Stresses that Police Officer Deal with

This article shows five stresses that Police Officer deals with that non-officers would not understand.

5 stresses cops deal with that non-cops should know about

Number of Fatal Shootings are Identical to Last Year Report

This article shows the correlation between 2017 police-related death and the year prior.

Number of fatal shootings by police is nearly identical to last year – The Washington Post

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