Dr. Michael Battle
Former, US Ambassador to African the Nations
“This book reveals the thoughts, passion, and deep caring of an emergency room physician and father whose authentic interest is that everyone’s  child and every first respondent to returns home safe and well at the end of each day. He is an amazing Hampton and Harvard graduate who writes from the heart.”

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson
 ” …a timely book for our community”

Dr William R. Harvey, President of Hampton University
 “…..great read. It is truly a topic that deserves mush discussion on today’s society”.

“Great read! Highly recommend!”

“What a great book! I read parts aloud to my daughters. I would recommend this book for all parents and for teenagers applying for their driver’s licenses. Well written, engaging, and ever so helpful.”

“Poignant examples abound of instances where parents receive that nightmarish call from authorities telling them something awful has happened to their child. While there can be nothing more dreadful than having to experience that horror, Dr. Mount-Varner provides an insightful and comprehensive resource to serve as a guide to avoid these disastrous consequences of deadly police interaction. I strongly recommend this must read as the 11 strategies detailed within this excellent book are truly instructive in educating people how to get HOME ALIVE!”

“This information is timely, well presented and compelling. I think it should be required reading for all who interact with teenagers at all levels. This includes not only parents but teachers, counselors, mentors, pastors, law enforcement officials, court officials, and others who have not only sustained, but incidental contact as well, with children and young adults and want to see them reach their full potential.”

“As a mother who worries about her children and any potential encounters with the police, I am grateful for books like this that tackle head on, this sensitive subject. It speaks to ways we as parents can educate ourselves and our children on sensible ways to handle police encounters. It is so timely in times like these where too many headlines include the senseless brutality towards our young people. A book for Every parent! Well done!”