Geoffrey Mount Varner, MD, MPH, FACEP, has 20 years of experience in emergency medicine and is a leading authority on saving lives.

Now, Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, a board-certified emergency medicine physician, shares the results of hundreds of hours of research, interviews with citizens, law enforcement, judges, and 20 years of treating patients.

The goal is for EVERYONE to make it home to their loved ones.


Our Youth

Law Enforcement 



The goal is to foster a better understanding and respect between law enforcement and the younger generation.

Through knowledge, we can attain peace within our communities.

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Past Speaking Engagements

  • American Psychiatric Association-SUNY Downstate Hampton University

  • Duke University

  • University of Chicago

  • UNC Chapel Hill

  • Cleveland Clinic,

  • Robert Wood Johnson

  • Case Western

  • Virginia Common Wealth University

  • EMS World

  • Howard University

  • District of Columbia Government

  • Prince George’s County Government

  • Prince George’s County Public Schools



The Dr. Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch is designed to help save your life.  You have emergency kits when disaster strike, first aids kits for ailments and injuries.