Drsavinglives Kits

DrSavingLives Kits

Why Purchase a Kit?

These kits can quell a stressful situation for both the individual and officer during a traffic stop. All of the necessary information are in the kit at a moment notice. 

It is the perfect compliment to the book, “Home Alive.”


Dr Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch

Price: $19.99

Dr Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch

The Dr. Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch is designed to help save your life. With all other facet of your life you are prepared. You have emergency kits when disaster strike, first aids kits for ailments and injuries. So why not have an emergency kit that can help prevent police use of deadly force that starts out as a routine traffic stop.

Have your copy yet?

2nd Edition of the seller life saving book, Home Alive. This edition includes updated data, bonus tools and new psychiatric section. You can read your eBook any place; as a result, you can learn to save a life anyplace.

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