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Home Alive: 11 Must Steps To Surviving Encounters With The Police

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In 2015, 1,146 people were killed by police and at least an additional 3,000 experienced the use of deadly force. A former chief of a level one trauma center and former city medical director, Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, a board certified emergency medicine physician, shares the results of hundreds of hours of research, interviews with citizens, law enforcement, judges, and 20 years of treating patients. In this book, he reveals 11 life-saving strategies for surviving encounters with the police. These strategies will immediately and drastically reduce the likelihood of being killed or injured by police. From a unique perspective, Dr. Varner is a community activist, a father, a black male who supports good policing and police departments, and he holds a degree from Harvard School of Public Health. His goal is simple: to immediately save lives, not assign blame.

Using many real and compelling stories from the ER in this book, you will learn:

  • 11 strategies that MUST URGENTLY be followed to make it home alive, safe, and unharmed
  • Strategies specifically designed for black males, a demographic that is five to nine times more likely to be killed than white males
  • What you should NEVER do in any police encounter
  • Suggestions on what you SHOULD do to increase compassion and de-escalate a situation
  • The proper time and ways to use your power—after you make it home alive and unharmed

Whether you are a parent, teenager, or young adult, you never know when you will have an encounter with the police. More important, you never know when your loved one will have an interaction. When you do, use the strategies in this timely book to make sure you and your loved one make it home alive, safe, and unharmed.