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Has spoken at the following: American Psychiatric Association-SUNY Downstate, Hampton University, Duke University, University of Chicago, UNC Chapel Hill, Cleveland Clinic, Robert Wood Johnson, Case Western, Virginia Common Wealth University, EMS World, Howard University, District of Columbia Government, and Prince George's County Government

You’re searching for the perfect opening or closing motivational speaker for your organization. You need a key note speaker who speaks to the needs of your organization.

Dr. Mount Varner is an energetic and experienced speaker who will deliver a relevant and unique message that has the emotional energy appropriate for the audience.

Geoffrey is an inspirational speaker who literally transforms his real world, life and death experiences to practical applications of life. It is said that a person’s most insightful and wisest thoughts are expressed during their life-threatening moments. Dr. Mount Varner, after 20 years of experience in the ER, captured hundreds of those moments and now appropriately tailors the insights to the needs of the audience.

  He doesn’t just deliver a speech. He delivers an experience.

You need your organization or your youth to know how to work through a crisis! Dr. Varner is an expert in real life crisis management!!  The audience will be captured by leadership experiences and dramatic, heart wrenching and emotional warming of actual ER stories. He is a motivator who is known for saying, “your best may not be good enough, do what is required.”

Dr. Mount Varner provides a “stickiness” factor that leaves his audiences with a message lasting beyond the engagement. Most importantly, he’ll customize each program, address the specific challenges faced by your group and make sure his content is applicable to the current issues facing your organization.

Audiences leave Dr Mount Varner’s messages with new skills to:

  • Adapt to the level of the adversity
  • Overcome known and unknown obstacles
  • Lead by preparing for the future in advance

Dr. Mount Varner has impacted hundreds of organizations in healthcare, community organizations, local governments, and schools, just to name a few.

We’d love to discuss how Dr. Mount Varner can make your meeting a transformative event for your meeting participants. He will customize his high-energy, effective program so that it speaks directly to the needs of your unique audience.

Past Speaking Topics:

  • Police Encounters
  • Synthetic Drugs and Violence in the ER
  • Black Male Development and Success
  • CPR Use for the Untrained
  • Advances in Medicine
  • Forgiveness and Health
  • Dealing with Adversity
  • Crisis Management
  • What to do when it happens to you

Has spoken at the following:

  • American Psychiatric Association-SUNY Downstate
  • Hampton University
  • Duke, University of Chicago
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Robert Wood Johnson
  • Case Western
  • Virginia Common Wealth University
  • EMS World
  • Howard University
  • District of Columbia Government
  • Prince George’s County Government

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