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THIS eBOOK WILL GET YOU HOME ALIVE Do you worry if your son or loved one is next? Are you concerned if your child or loved one knows what to say or how to respond to the police? Home Alive will ease your worries. It is an absolute URGENT READ. Dr. Mount Varner, a Harvard graduate, board-certified emergency medicine physician and father uses real emergency department stories, experiences, data and interviews to share 11 MUST researched strategies that will save your life. This is not a police bashing book. Home Alive and the 11 strategies presented immediately starts to save lives now once read. Often the police use of deadly force began as a routine stop or as a simple domestic call. Every encounter with the police presents its own unique risk for anyone involved. This danger affect us all, including my ten-year-old son and the sons and daughters of so many others. In this book, you will learn: • What you should NEVER do in any police encounter. • What you MUST do to de-escalate a situation. • Additional skills REQUIRED for young black males who are three times more likely to be killed than white males. This is the first book of its kind. It is a how-to guide to getting our children Home Alive. Though the crisis is unacceptable and unfair, our job is to arm our loved ones with the skills needed to survive encounters with the police. We, including the police must rise up and commit to getting everyone Home Alive. Read the book, learn the strategies and then teach the strategies to someone else. EACH ONE TEACH ONE TO SAVE ONE While community organizations, the police, the government and public health experts are working on permanent solutions – which could take years to develop. Home Alive immediately begins to save lives with the use of the 11 strategies. Home Alive strategically does not address the important historic and social factors that have led to this crisis. Dr. Eric Michael Dyson in his newly released bestseller, Tears We Cannot Stop – A Sermon to White America elegantly, productively and powerfully addresses the cultural and enormous social dimensions. Home Alive is a bridge to permanent solutions. Its mission is to immediately save lives. America, we have a crisis. It is not a black, white or brown crisis. It is an American crisis that threatens the very fabric of our country. It is imperative that we all step up and be counted. You don’t need to be a doctor to save a life. You can save a life. Teach someone, especially a black male the strategies in Home Alive and then teach someone else and then another. We can all decrease the number of police killings. EACH ONE TEACH ONE TO SAVE A LIFE We can all be life savers. Please choose to help.
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