Dr. Saving Lives Emergency Pouch



This is an absolute URGENT purchase.

The Dr. Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch is designed to help save your life. With all other facet of your life you are prepared. You have emergency kits when disaster strike, first aids kits for ailments and injuries. So why not have a emergency kit that can help prevent police use of deadly force that starts out as a routine traffic stop.

When you are pulled over by an officer it is CRITICAL that you are prepared. The Dr. Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch can immediately fix this problem. The pouch is designed for you to place all your necessary documents in the pouch and to be placed in an easily accessible part of your car (i.e. your glove compartment). When pulled over by an officer wait until the officer gives you permission to the reach for the pouch, then ask the officer if you can retrieve your documents from the the Pouch. The goal is to limit the amount of movement and reaching into strange dark areas in the car. Your hands can hurt an officer.  

Never again be unprepared where a routine traffic stop end in deadly force. The goal is for everyone to make it Home Alive

The Dr. Saving Lives Emergency Protection Pouch includes the following items:

  • A transparent pouch to store vital information needed during a traffic stop (i.e. Insurance card)

  • 6 inch Break light
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • Emergency Contact Card
  • A laminated card with 5 Reminders to help you during a traffic stop
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